Fall has found the Low Country!

Fall has found the Low Country! Fall has found it’s way to the Low Country! The golden hews are pretty spectacular on site at HYDERA ISO Yard.

Pump Renovations Near Completion

The North Charleston Sewer District is preparing for the population growth expected in North Charleston over the next decade, embarking on renovations to two pump stations. Berenyi has erected new steel monorails that extend outside the station to allow trucks to drive under the 4t and 3t monorail hoist systems....

HYDERA ISO Yard is now open!

We are pleased to announce that the HYDERA ISO Yard is now open! HYDERA offers the structural space for top-of-the-line operations for the growing bulk liquid transportation industry. ISO containers anyone?

Berenyi Inc. Completes Chemical Plant Expansion

Erecting this massive chemical processing plant expansion in Goose Creek, SC required skillful collaboration by Berenyi’s design-build team to accommodate delivery and installation of highly technical equipment. For information about the scope of work for the project, see here: https://berenyi.com/project/chemical-plant-expansion/

Nucor Port

Berenyi Inc. provided the structural design services and served as General Contractor to extend Nucor Berkeley’s port by 256ft! To learn more about our construction services, see here: https://berenyi.com/construction/

The Berenyi Crew Moved Mountains

The Berenyi crew moved mountains last Friday! Although we will move mountains for our clients, this particular job required us to move these two 8,000 lb. cylinders into place at HYDERA ISO Yard.

A Look Back – Symrise Distillation Tower

In 2016, Berenyi provided structural design services for this 185ft. distillation tower for Symrise Inc. This design included precast piles, 236 tons of steel, the equipment installation, and sequencing! To read more about our architectural design services, click here: https://berenyi.com/engineering/

Day or Night!

Day or night, Berenyi is committed to doing whatever it takes to make sure our clients’ projects are delivered on schedule and under budget!

“Frontier” Friday

It’s “Frontier” Friday at Berenyi! Innovation and quality made for a successful completion of this 560,000 SF industrial warehouse, which the Berenyi team designed, engineered and built for Frontier Logistics. Tilt-Up concrete walls and a state-of-the-art fire protection system are a few of the features that make Frontier’s facility safe,...

Berenyi Inc. Completes a New Sodium Chlorate Facility for Kemira Chemicals

From pouring a 7,500 SF concrete building foundation, to building a 40’ X 20”’ structural steel equipment support tower, Berenyi recently completed a new sodium chlorate facility for Kemira Chemicals. For information about the scope of work for this project, see here: https://berenyi.com/project/kemira-baggeo/

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