What Leaders Say – Lt. General John Rosa, President of The Citadel

For this podcast interview Tony and Lt. General John Rosa discuss what differentiates between the top and bottom third of leaders. Some highlights from the interview are as follows:

  • Do not ask any one to do anything illegal, immoral, or unethical.
  • Being approachable is an important aspect of any leadership position. Allows you to get you know you team.
  • Maintain an even keel throughout the organization.
  • Identify strategic plan for your business and be able to effectively communication that plan.
  • Leaders need to have a vision, delegate, and give the right people authority and “hold them accountable”.
  • Let your people do the work that they were hired to do. Do not overextend yourself.
  • Know your employees: their likes, dislikes, and goals.
  • Team build mentality is critical. Do no think of your self as just an individual.
  • Acquiring the right people that want to be at your institution for the right reasons.
  • Importance of not micromanaging, but need to be micro-informed. Know your organization.
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