• Sheetrock Installation Complete
  • Stairwell After Upfit
  • Walls Painted, Tile Floors & Ceiling Installed
  • Old Control Panel Demollished
  • Block Wall Furring Channels Installed
  • Office's Before Upfit
  • Glass Partition Wall Tinted
  • Stairwell Before Upfit
  • Symrise
  • Control Room Before Upfit
  • New Studs Walls Erected
  • Glass Partition Walls Installed
  • Existing Tile Floors Demolished
  • Sheetrock Installation Begins
  • Demolition Begins!

Symrise - Menthol Plant Control Room Upfit

Bushy Park, SC


Symrise's Menthol Plant Control Room was originally built in the mid 1970's.  This facility originally served as the control room for just the menthol production, but eventually evolved into the control room for the other products produced at Symrise.  Throughout all of the technology changes from the mid 1970's to now, the control room structure remained in it's original state.  Although the control room was functional, an upfit would provide employee benefits that could not be overlooked as well as provide a selling point for Symrise's clients.  Through coordination with plant supervision and contractors our TEAM was able to design and build a modern control room within the required 8 week window. 

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