• Floor drains
  • Floor drains
  • Milk receiving access
  • Receiving tank foundation
  • Receiving tank delivery
  • Milk receiving
  • Infill slab poured and CMU curb placed
  • Production area wall frame
  • Production area wall framing
  • Sheetrock begins
  • Setting the 5000AMP switchgear
  • Preparing floor for Urethane topping
  • Application of urethane flooring
  • Production area ready for equipment
  • Equipment install starts 11-11-13
  • 21,000 lb Sanitary tank set!
  • Bringing in Batching tanks
  • Last of Equipment set 11-13-13
  • Platforms and pipe racks
  • Building receiving building canopy
  • Canopy completed
  • Starting the boiler building 12-26-13
  • Progress on Chiller building 1-08-14
  • Boilers set
  • Boiler bldg framing built around equipment
  • Process piping continuing inside 1-27-14
  • Set chiller Equipmnet 1-31-14
  • Filling machine in place and being plumbed
  • Tile flooring in process areas 2-10-14
  • Enclosing chiller equipment 2-26-14
  • Boiler in operation 2-27-14
  • Process water blow off 3-6-14
  • Filer package at main process water line
  • Steam blow off in process area 4-7-14
  • First testing of filler equipment 4-24-14
  • Paving 5-21-14
  • Office tile finished 5-19-14
  • Training room complete
  • Hydro seed 6-12-14

Crescent Dairy and Beverages

Walterboro, SC

Berenyi is excited to be well underway with the new Crescent Dairy facility in Walterboro, SC. This is a full service Design-Build project for Berenyi including Architectural, Structural, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing designs and installation. The unique process of the plant demands a wide range of interesting designs and details. The "Produciton Area" where the "shelf stable" products will be produced will be an impressive blend of a crisp clean food processing atmosphere and a large and modern environment. We are excited to be a part of this project and look forward to a long relationship with Crescent Dairy and Beverages.

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