What Leaders Say - Curtis Loftis, South Carolina State Treasurer

November 18 by Tony Berenyi

Link: What Leaders Say - Curtis Loftis, South Carolina State Treasurer


Curtis Loftis is the Secretary of Treasury for SC. In this Podcast , Tony and Mr. Loftis discuss a myriad of topics.

Some highlights include :

  • Difference in leadership tactics when specific actions have to be done within a block of time
  • Leadership In  Day to Day Activities
  • A Leader has to have Vision and then you set your goals
  • Leadership roles in an elected position can be extremely challenging or difficult since you may have only four (4) years to implement new changes.
  • Working for the State Government can be challenging since staffing is a concern with budget cuts
  • The challenge of going from 35th to 5th in the College 529 Saving Plans
  • Effective leaders often become targets since they implement change
  • The real issues in government are the ones no one sees
  • Great leaders make the hard choices
  • Take the time to learn from your mistakes as you proceed
  • Sometimes you have to get LOUD to be heard
  • Courage to do what is right
  • You must genuinely CARE
  • Driving Business to South Carolina is key for long term success
  • Empower your staff
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