Berenyi Inc. Roaring 20s Award Winner

October 26 by Clay Wine, AIA

Twenty large companies and 20 small companies from across the state were honored at a networking event Oct. 25, in Columbia, SC. Chris William, series executive producer and moderator of Carolina Business Review, was the master of ceremonies.  Berenyi Incorporated was ranked number five and Berenyi client Marabu North America took the top prize in the small business catagory.

All companies honored are headquartered in South Carolina. A formula that awarded points based on both dollar and percentage increases in revenue from 2010-2011 was used to level the playing field between smaller and larger companies within the two categories.

Company size was determined by gross revenue of $10 million and less for small companies, and more than $10 million for large companies.

Profiles of the winning companies will be published in the winter issue of SC BIZ magazine.


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