Strength by Design

August 31 by J Lilly

We are excited for the opportunities that are forming as this is written. Our company has stayed focused on our future rather than our past, this vision demands planning for the future and setting goals that will be required to meet that future. This goal oriented mindset has become systemic in our company culture and is bearing fruit. Today I am compelled to expand on this idea of goal setting and mention an underlying condition of our successful growth...RELATIONSHIPS. There must be strong relationships with strong people if we, like any company, are intending to succeed.

It is an interesting self-examination to consider how to develop strong professional relationships with others. My opinion, the key to building lasting business relationships is something that we turned into a an office motto several years ago,

Work hard for our clients and treat them as if they are our best friend.

For us, if we keep this in mind most of the other things fall into place and the answers to the question "What do I do now?" is very clear. Everyone knows how to treat a best friend. We strive every day to apply that knowledge to our business world. This concept translates itself to "Say Please and Thank You", "Show up on time", "Do what you say you will do", and "Finish what you start". These habits, as simple as they seem, are sometimes too rare in a busy economy. So, THANK YOU to those around us who grant us an opportunity to work and grow with you.

As I started to say, our future is bright. We are looking forward to a continued relationship with outstanding people representing extraordinary companies. We are also looking forward to potential GAME CHANGING opportunities that should reveal themselves in the next month or so. We look forward to sharing more soon about the light on the horizon heading our way. 

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